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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Too long

I'm not quite sure why I haven't been over here for so long. It's embarrassing really. To some extent, life's been good so I haven't needed to bitch about it. In other ways, I've been clinging on to the edge hoping that no one steps on my fingers.

And nine times out of ten, they do. But that's a story for another day.

Let's see... what have I been up to?

Well, I fell in love. With a sweet, adorable boy with a job who paid for things sometimes because he had a job. He was from Michigan too, and we bonded over our love of coney dogs and Tigers baseball. We even went to Florida for spring training.

And then it went to shit and he was gone as quickly and unexpectedly as he arrived.

Oh well. Thinking that it must not have been meant to be helps me sleep at night.

My new bed -- the first one I've purchased in my entire life -- also helps me sleep at night. I have the improved sleep apnea numbers to prove it. This new bed contains memory foam, a regular mattress and a layer of gel under a pillow-top to keep me cool. It's pure heaven. It's also way too tall for a short girl, but like to think watching me get a running start every night is entertaining.

I completed a quarter marathon in May, which was crazy and exhausting, but I'm sure it surprises no one that I am registered for a half marathon in September and actually thinking about doing 8 Tuff Miles in February. (And by thinking about it, I mean it's most likely going to happen.)

I started selling jewelry. In my attempt to wean myself off of several of the various enterprises and occupations I have, I added something to hopefully bring some money in. We'll see how it goes. If it could just replace about 20 hours of these 60-hour weeks, I'd be happy.

And less exhausted. Maybe have a clean house. Who knows?

Anything else going on? Not really. The year without a mouse is going somewhat well, although I haven't ruled out one day in the Magic Kingdom at Christmas. We'll see how my week in the Caribbean is shaping up first.

I think right now I am going to commit to at least a weekly update. I feel like I've developed ADD or something. If I can't say it in 140 characters on Twitter, it just isn't happening lately.

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