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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hot Democrats

I got an e-mail talking about how much hotter Republican women are than Democrat women. I know Anne Coulter and Mean Jean Schmidt turn me on. Yeah. OK, so Helen Thomas (who is actually a journalist and has no declared party affiliation that I know of), is not the most attractive of Democrats if you count her.

But I present to you, a list of super-hot (male and female) Democrats:

Ben Affleck and his lovely wife, Jennifer Garner
Maria Shriver
Gwyneth Paltrow
Brad Pitt
Sheryl Crow
Jon Bon Jovi
Tim McGraw
Faith Hill
George Clooney
Jennifer Aniston
Halle Berry
Tyra Banks
Meg Ryan
Matt Damon
Leonardo DiCaprio
Christina Applegate

Do I really need to go on? I shouldn't.

Bob Dole is soooo sexy.

Did I mention George Clooney? Oh well. He's worth mentioning TWICE.

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