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Friday, September 19, 2008


There's no gas in Nashville. OK, at least 85 percent of the stations are out. And I only have a quarter of a tank right now. So, I guess I'm only going to work until I can get some gas. That's kind of scary.

I was supposed to go out Saturday night, and I e-mailed my friend and said: Plans are off if I can't find gas.

The worst part? Ron let everyone leave at 4 to get gas before the other 15 percent of the stations ran out, and the girl I carpool with is in a meeting.

So, I'm sitting at work goofing off because my work was all done before I realized that my ride was not here.

I hear Costco has gas, and it might be worth $50 to get some. Plus, they have cool stuff I don't need for cheap. I always love it when I go there with Will. He laughs at me as I marvel at the giant vats of salsa.

I'm thinking that I'm better off paying the Blockbuster late fee than using precious fuel to return the movie.

They swear we'll get gas next week sometime. Apparently all the refineries in the Southeast are closed because of the hurricane.

Whose idea was it to build them on the ocean anyhow?

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