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Friday, September 26, 2008

See? I'm not the only one...

Yesterday, I raved about how much I hate Facebook. This article in today's City Paper was interesting. She doesn't say she hates Facebook, but she does point out yet another reason that Facebook sucks.

And, let's face it: My hatred of social networking was somewhat inspired by my boyfriend befriending someone I knew he'd slept with... before he befriended me, I might add. I don't know if they still talk, because I don't talk to her. In fact, I have never, ever mentioned his name to her since the night she decided she hated me (you'll remember she gave me a reprieve and re-friended me long enough for me to get a birthday dinner and a ride home from the airport, and then she was gone again). I trust him, and I'd like to believe all the things he's said about her that would lead one to conclude that they're not pals. She's never spoken fondly of him either, which is unfortunate, because he's a wonderful person.

What was I saying: Oh yeah. Facebook. Still hate it.

This morning, I realized a few things I thought I would share. I think I forgot one, but if I remember it, I will post it.

1. I never realized Tim McGraw smoked until I moved here and saw him smoking.
2. I truly believe the reason people are fat is because McDonald's orange juice is four times the normal serving size, maybe six. I just know it's huge.

I wish I could remember the other one. Obviously at one point in my life I thought it was important enough to share.

I'm having lunch at Hooters today, and then it's back to diet land for me. I can still lose a few pounds before vacation.

I didn't making anything for the debate party I am supposed to go to tonight. I'm still thinking that McCain won't come.

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