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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Election recap

I have been meaning to share my thoughts on the election since Wednesday morning. Here they are, all wrapped up with a tidy little bow.

1. I am not sure what (or if) Americans were thinking.

2. I am sad my former boss, Ted Strickland, lost. That was not Ohio's best move.

3. I am not completely desolate like I was when this happened in 1994. Why? Because this wasn't as bad. I know you think I'm nuts, but it was less seats and it will be OK in the long run.

But mostly, this race reminded me of when people have a friend -- in this case, that friend is Barack Obama -- and the friend pisses you off. So to get back at them you do all this stuff to get back at them, but ultimately all it does is ends up screwing you in the long run?

This was America's way of saying, "I'm so pissed at you now Barack, that I am just going to eat these Twinkies until I can't fit in my pants."

Or, "I don't care that I have been waiting to see 'Due Date' for months or that Robert Downey Jr is my favorite actor, there is no way I am meeting you at that movie, Barack. I am not ever going to that theater again, just in case you're there and I might run into you."

Let me know how that works for you, America. I'll be sitting over here in my fat pants eating my Hillary Clinton Cookies.

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