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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The joys of homeownership

No, I am not being facetious, like when I spend all my money at Lowe's on paint and supplies or when my neighbor bogarts my parking space. I really am joyful about owning my own home.

You can all remind me when the next thing goes wrong.

Even though it required something going wrong, I love my new kitchen faucet. Much more user-friendly. And less cheap-looking.

I am finally getting things organized. I guess inviting everyone you know to a party will do that for you.

My new buffet is built, and my Fiesta is going to look awesome in it. And, while we're on the topic of new furniture, I found a really cool kitchen table at a furniture store that I need to go order. And then, I will be all done furniture shopping.

Can we get a "hell yeah" for that, please?

I heard a report today from the home front that the downstairs bathroom is now pink. All we need to do is add our black and white accessories, and we should be ready to rock and roll. I will post pictures soon, because I am super-geeked that I took inspiration and rolled with it.

I am switching from cable to satellite, and they are giving me a free TV to do this. I am going to put the new one in the den, and move the old one to the living room. This was a hard decision because I really wanted the living room to be a place where you sat and talked and hung out and weren't focused on the old boob-tube, but my awesome couch would just be so comfy for watching movies... We figure if we tuck the old TV in the corner, then it still won't be the focal point of the room, especially once we get the fireplace build out in there.

Do you have a TV in your living room? Any feelings on it either way?

Aside from that, life is pretty boring. I am working a lot at Babies R Us, but that's a good thing. I am hoping to start getting ahead sometime soon. Especially now that the only home improvement thing I can think of that I need is paint for the upstairs bathrooms.

It is nice being a homeowner. It's nice having my own space (even though it's a lot more to clean). There have been some bumps along the road, but it really is worth it.

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It will all come together and be done before you know it. Will have to come visit to see it in person.

By Blogger Rosalie, at 9/21/2010 8:55 PM  

CONGRATULATIONS on your new digs!!! And Hell Yeah!!!!

By Blogger Daisy, at 9/27/2010 12:39 PM  

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