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Monday, December 20, 2010

Did you miss me?

So, when I fall off the wagon, I really fall off the wagon. I missed two more days of blogging! I'm sitting down here to write who-knows-what. I need to write all kinds of things I know about (and a few I don't) for work, but I am feeling the urge to procrastinate. My pile is finally a manageable size, so I guess that is a good thing.

I had so many things I wanted to discuss. I went to my roommate's master's degree graduation on Saturday, and it reminded me of my graduation and college and all that stuff, so I had been tempted to walk down memory lane. The alma mater was also in a bowl game on Saturday, which was exciting, except that they lost. Although had I known there was a ticket and hotel deal for $40, I might have been drinking daiquiris and eating muffalettas down in Nawlins with them.

I started my holiday baking which seems like a more insurmountable task with each passing year. So far, I have Snickers fudge, which is super rich; rum balls, which are super boozy and delicious; oatmeal scotchies, which never turn out just right; and caramels, which need to be cut and wrapped in waxed paper. Tonight I plan to make peanut blossoms and thumbrints and get the dough ready for the crinkle cookies. Everything will be done tomorrow night, but that means that people getting them in the mail aren't going to have them for Christmas.

I am going to see Garth Brooks tonight and again on Wednesday. I figure since I haven't seen him since college I might as well stock up in case it's another 12 years before I see him again. Lance was going to come up, but he's busy with his last week working in Miami and couldn't get away. I know it makes sense for them to live in the house they own at least while the housing market sucks, but I sure will miss crashing on their couch so close to the beach. Luckily I have Toma and Tara who have a guest room for me, and I know where I can stay on South Beach for $50/night. Because let me tell you, I need a beach break more than you can even imagine.

That's why we're thinking about a trip to St. John next fall if we can swing it. I hope we can. I miss my friends and the cheap rum and the beach and boat rides and conch fritters and views and villas. I need my little island in the middle of nowhwere. I guess in the meantime, I'll just make a painkiller and listen to Jimmy Buffett. The rum balls I made will help.

It's weird not rushing to get out of town for Christmas, but it's expensive doing two trips in a month. And, really, now that I've got it decorated and almost cleaned (although that's what I will be doing on my days off in the next week), I am looking forward to spending Christmas in my own house.

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