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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Coyote Ugly?

Did y'all hear about the coyote at Quizno's? In downtown Chicago?

Can you imagine? I live in the city so that I don't have to interact with wildlife. My favorite part of the story is where they say they find 10 to 15 coyotes in downtown Chicago every spring.

That's a lot of coyotes. I lived on a farm in an area of the country with a serious coyote problem. We had to carefully watch our livestock and our pets to make sure that coyotes didn't get them. And I haven't even seen 10 to 15 coyotes.

How the hell did coyotes get in downtown Chicago? And thank God I wasn't in Quizno's, because I'm pretty sure I'd have dropped my overpriced chicken sandwich!

CHICAGO - For one day, at least, the roadrunner was safe. It seems the coyote was hankering for another kind of fast food. Employees and customers at a downtown Chicago Quiznos sandwich shop were stunned to see a coyote walk through the propped-open front door Tuesday afternoon and lie down in a cooler stocked with fruit juice and soda.

"It wasn't aggressive at all," restaurant manager Bina Patel told the Chicago Tribune. "It was just looking around."

Employees and customers calmly cleared out of the restaurant, though some took the time to finish their sandwiches and snap some cell-phone photos, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. Animal control officers took the passive coyote away after about 40 minutes, after a curious crowd had gathered outside.

"This one definitely I will definitely remember forever. A coyote in downtown Chicago," Quiznos employee Rick Torres told WLS-TV.

The city captures 10 to 15 coyotes every year, especially in the spring when they are most active, said Anne Kent, director of Chicago Animal Care and Control. Veterinarians will examine the coyote and, if he is not injured, release him into the wild.

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