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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


First of all, some housekeeping items. Sometime this week, I plan to post reviews of the KC show from Hotlanta and the Eric Church post-game show at the Wildhorse Sunday on my music blog. Honest. I'm going to get better about concert reviews, even if it is just "This show rocked!" with a picture of me shooting devil horns. It's just hard when you write all day. It's hard to go home and write for fun. Reminds me of when Rachel dated the gynocologist on "Friends..."

Atlanta was fun. It's big. It's shiny. There's a lot going on. They drive like lunatics. You pay way too much for houses, even if they are pretty. It was a nice getaway, but I was very glad to get home on Sunday. I think I may have become a homebody somewhere along the way (Ironic, considering most days I'm not a huge fan of home). I think it's more that I spend an entire trip obsessing over everything I left behind to leave town for a few days, and then I get this urge to go home and finish those things. I also miss having a cat. And somehow had forgotten since Lance's wedding that the Mexicans should never be in charge of the tequila.

I've been catching bits and pieces of the news lately. Apparently some reasearcher did studies and concluded people aren't really addicted to chocolate. I wonder if he's the same guy who decided that you can't actually become addicted to pot either. Regardless, he's someone who's not addicted to chocolate, or else he'd realize that's just silly.

I don't think Mary Winkler should be allowed to be on Oprah. In fact, I think Mary Winkler should be in prison with all the other murderers. We all have problems. Some people have really shitty problems. No one's allowed to kill anyone else. Simple as that.

I wonder about this whole thing with that missing girl from England. I don't think her parents did it, but something doesn't sit right with me. Much like Jon Benet Ramsey, I suspect we'll never ever know the truth...

Lastly, once again Sept. 11th has come and gone. Am I a bitch because it's just another day to me? I haven't ever gotten why America can't move on from that day. That's what the terrorists wanted when they did it, you know... I feel bad that thousands of people died. It was atrocious, but I don't feel like we do anyone justice by shutting our lives off for a day...

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