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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Network News

So, I guess today is Katie Couric's one-year anniversary on CBS Evening News. I know that there have been many reports that CBS was surprised that Couric hasn't boosted their viewership. Maybe they don't feel like she's earning her hefty price tag. I know they blame it on her and the new format of the news.

Have they ever stopped to consider that perhaps folks just prefer ABC or NBC or even CNN or FOX for their news?

I like Katie Couric. And let me tell you, she's much better in the evening after I've had coffee and don't have to deal with her perky bullshit uncaffeinated.

But I don't like CBS' news coverage. I'm not a huge fan of 60 Minutes. I'd rather eat hot shards of glass than watch their morning program. Their news, regardless of who's reading it, just isn't the same stuff I'd get on NBC, ABC, or even CNN.

Most mornings now, I find myself watching Good Morning America. I like Matt and Meredith, and I tuned in today for Bill Clinton on Today, but most mornings I watch ABC because there are more breaks for local news, which is what I'd really watch if I ever turned my TV on early enough. I accidentally watched CBS' morning show the other day. It might even be worse without Bryant Gumbel, if that could be humanly possible.

I guess the whole point of this rant was to defend Katie. I don't think that people not watching her really has anything to do with Katie. I definitely don't think it's sexist, because I love watching Robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer every morning. I don't think it's because Katie's not a good journalist.

I just think people can get their news anywhere, and they're not going to switch to CBS Evening News because Katie Couric left "Today." It's kind of like Manchester United fans didn't go to Real Madrid because David Beckham did. Even with a superstar, loyalties are just that.

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I totally agree. I like Katie Couric. I don't care for CBS. I am not changing to watch CBS just because Katie went there.

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