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Friday, October 24, 2008

Meet me at the Ferry Dock

The good news: my magazine is finished, my newsletter is finished, all my brochures are finished, I can breathe at work, my family has already gone home and I get to go on vacation in about 2 weeks and 4 hours (I'm counting the part where I go to Atlanta, although that is literally crashing on Mike's couch for a few hours before I have to go to the airport).

The bad news: Toyland starts holiday hours today, and while we have allegedly hired new people, I can still only think of one other girl who really knows how to run the service desk. So, needless to say, I'm a little frightened about my life between now and Dec. 28.

I have been neglecting this blog. I'm way too busy. I see you stop by, and I am disappointing you by not telling you about my life.

The highlights:
  • I feel fat, and I'm about to spend a week in a swimsuit.
  • I am excited about my trip, especially the part where I bring back enough rum to get me through the next year.
  • Speaking of rum and trips, I'm a little grumpy with someone, and I'm just not sure when I'll be un-grumpy. Probably the next time I wake up and he is in my bed with me. So, needless to say, it might be a while.
  • I have started my new group at church, and it is nice to be meeting new people and learning about stuff.
  • Did I mention I am excited about vacation?

I had a good time with my family, but it wore me out. I had to work at Toyland all weekend and clean on my brief pit stops at the house. (It's still a mess, but that's another story.) We enjoyed ourselves, and it wasn't enough time. I can't wait to spend another three days with them at Christmas. I'll be glad when I can cut Toyland loose and spend more time with my family. I am thinking of flying up in January for a long weekend, since Toyland won't need me then.

I have things I want to write. I want to tell you all about my cat, Portia, and why she lives with me. I want to put together some observations from retail hell in time for holiday shopping season. I just keep running out of time.

In the comments of my last post, Rosalie said "See you at the Ferry Dock." In honor of that comment, here is today's picture of the day. In an unrelated note (OK, not really), the song of the day is Boat Drinks by Jimmy Buffett.


It was dark, nasty and raining when we arrived last time, so I borrowed this picture from News of St. John. I hope he doesn't mind. Go tell him I sent you!

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