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Friday, November 19, 2010

Quick one

I am travelling for work today, so not much time to blog. Of course, I am validating my decision to post right now with the fact that I am going to spend my lunch time in a car with my coworkers and there is NO WAY we will be back by 5. And, I just realized that Bill Maher is not on again until January. That's the real reason for TGIF.

But, it'll all be OK.

I wanted to tell you about a couple of things and then send you on your merry way until Monday. Since my laptop is still in Chattanooga (I am trying not to panic at how long it has been there. I'm sure it's fixable. If not, let's hope Santa Claus brings me a new one.), there won't be any blogging until next week. And since I'll be in a three-day flurry of activity to wrap up before I'm off for a week... Well, you shouldn't sit by the computer with a cup of coffee and wait on me.

While you're looking for something else to entertain you, I recommend you go see the movie "Burlesque." I went to the sneak preview last night, and it was fantastic. As one of the other moviegoers said before the film, "I hope it's more Chicago and less Showgirls."

And it was. It was glorious. Think Coyote Ugly meets Moulin Rouge. Only good. Really good. Cher is great as always, and Christina Aguilera was surprisingly good. I really loved this movie.

So, go see that. You won't regret it.

The new Harry Potter movie? I also saw that before everyone else (and for free!) and it's great too. Pretty dark and a little scary, but so is the last book. I don't normally like the movies, even though I adore the books. I loved this movie. It still glazes over parts of the book that I thought were important, but it's hard to shove a whole (or even half of one) book into a two-hour film.

Lastly, some more housekeeping items. I am up to 25 followers on Twitter. I am trying to learn how all that works, but I do not -- not on Twitter, Facebook or with this blog -- have any desire to tailor my message in a way that will get me more fans. I tell you what I have to say, and if that doesn't have any keywords, then I guess I don't light up Google or trend on Twitter or make it to the top of the Facebook news feed. Would I like to make money with my Internet content? Some days I would. But I am not going to create a message specifically to create money. That's not how real writers work. Or at least they shouldn't.

Anyhow, my whole point was: Friend me on FB if you haven't. Follow me on Twitter. Tell your friends. I am going to give a prize to my 50th follower, so maybe that will be you. My e-mail address, so you can find me on FB is richardslj AT gmail. I think you can use that to find me on Twitter too. As soon as my computer gets back, I'll have links to both of those places here. It's part of the blog makeover project on my to-do list.

Speaking of that project, I'll be refreshing my links. If you have a blog that you'd like me to link to or follow, drop me a line. I'll be glad to add you.

You guys have a good weekend, and play nice while I'm gone, umkay?

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