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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Panic at the Disco

OK, I am not really in a disco, but I am in full-fledged freak-out mode.

I have exactly 63 days, or nine weeks, to get ready for this Disney race. I bought $200 running shoes. My training runs aren't horrendous, but they're not as fast as they need to be. I still have nine weeks to work on them. As one of my friends points out, total couch potatoes (which I'm not) can start Couch to 5K and be running 3 miles no problem in nine weeks. I kept a faster pace in Detroit (although that was 1,700 years ago). However, I have complete and total dread about the "balloon ladies" and the sweeper buses that are part of the Run Disney experience.

I plan to get to the race as early as possible so that I can get at the front of my corral because the pace time doesn't start until the last person crosses the starting line. I plan to run every single day between now and October 5. I know my adrenaline will kick in. I know there will be people behind me. I know there are other big girls who will be out on that course.

I have done this before, and I can do it now, but I am still pretty sure that the next 63 days will be nothing but pure terror, and not the good kind on my favorite ride that inspired that race. My family is going to be there. I do not want to completely and totally embarrass myself in front of my family. The medals for the race are cool as shit. I do not want to not get my medal. I do not want to run every day for the next 63 days, fly all the way to freaking Orlando and spend an assload of money to run through Disney World and have to go on a bus to the finish line, where I may or may not get a medal that I may or may not deserve.

I just need to hustle. I need to hustle just like I did with FINALLY cleaning my room on the 15 month anniversary of moving into my house. I hadn't ever unpacked; I just had piles of shit everywhere, and a bet with my roommate that I couldn't get it in order by the end of July meant that I got two hours of sleep last night but my room looks amazing. All I need to do is put up all the art, find a nightstand and reupholster the chair that I have for in there, and it will be perfect.

Much like the last few days have been totally crazy cleaning my room because I never have time, I need to make time over the next 63 crazy days to get ready for this race. Actually from reading last year's feedback, I am going to start running every night outside in the Tennessee heat because I really need to be prepared mentally and physically for the climate in Florida at the beginning of October. I also need to train on hills, so I'm ready for the overpasses on Osceola Parkway.

I know I am being overly ambitious, but I think I will be OK. I am really grumpy because I wanted to do a 10K and not 10 miles, and they didn't add one at Disney until after I was already committed to this race. After this I'll be doing a half somewhere, and then at some point I will conquer 8 Tuff Miles on St. John. I know I can do this. I just need to freak out a little.

Maybe a good freak out will make me work harder. Cheerleaders would help too, if you're interested.

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