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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

R.I.P. Governor Richards

"Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, only backwards and in high heels."

I just learned of the passing of Governor Ann Richards of Texas. Unfortunately I wasn't related to this phenomenal woman. (People ALWAYS used to ask me that when I worked for the Dems.) She was a feisty gal who didn't mince her words. Unfortunately her assertive attitude and standing up for her principles probably cost her re-election.

Ann Richards should be an inspiration to women everywhere, a role model for young girls. As someone working in politics, she was someone I'd admired very much.

Her obituary by The Associated Press says it so much better than I ever could.

God speed, Good Governor.

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I always liked her!!

By Blogger Melis1, at 9/14/2006 12:23 PM  

You probably already know that I'm a Republican, a pretty conservative person. (And you still like me, woo hoo!) But I respect people of any political persuasion who stand up so staunchly for the things they believe in. I might not have agreed with some of the things she said and did, but I certainly do respect her attitude and tenacity.

By Blogger Andrea, at 9/14/2006 9:39 PM  

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