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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tattoo time?

So, they did it. I'm not 100% sure how, but the Tigers went and defeated the Yankees in the first round of the playoffs. So, I guess it's tattoo time.

Oh dear, I am such a pussy. What the hell was I thinking?

Well, Kay says she'll be here and she'll hold my hand. And everyone tells me it goes numb after a few minutes of intense pain anyhow.

She says that if we can have babies, we can get a tattoo.

I hope y'all like it. And remind me to never, ever think that Tigers can't beat the Yankees again. Oops.

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You can do it!!! You can do it!!! If I can, you can!!!

By Blogger Krista, at 10/07/2006 10:16 PM  

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