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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Forecast: Sunny

I'm not in a bad mood anymore. I had an excellent Margaritas and Senoritas Monday.

The tequila helped.

But the fun ended long after the buzz subsided.

I made a new friend. I stayed up way too late, and now I'm dragging ass.

I started my new diet today. I had a big salad. Actually, this is like a fake-o diet until I go hard core next week. Meaning that this week's diet is not so strict that I can't eat my favorite Lean Cuisines. Next week will be a different story, but I want to look hot.

For me. And I threw a box of cookies in the trash. (OK, there weren't many cookies left, but they'll never see my ass, so this is good.)

I'm really busy right now, but lots of work means less time to get my vacation money saved.

Oh, and I love cell phone companies because it's free to call people in the middle of the night, although I suspect at some point I'm going to need to sleep.

Song of the day, "Raining on Sunday" by Keith Urban. Yes, there's a reason. And no, I'm not telling y'all.

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