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Saturday, October 25, 2008

On second thought

The more I think about it, maybe I am the worst Catholic ever. Bigger than Ted Kennedy, John Kerry or Joe Biden. Maybe I'm just this awful, horrendous person who's got it all wrong.

Instead of being the only person my age who actually goes to church, maybe I should just stop going, give my weekly collection to Planned Parenthood, go marry my divorced boyfriend on the beach and have babies (just two and then a vasectomy -- no litter for me!) that I will send -- oh, the horrors!-- to public school.

We need to all just focus on loving Jesus and doing the best we can. Because judging who's better is hurting our church. That's why no one goes anymore. It's not about picking and choosing what you want from your religion; it's about feeling like you don't belong because you don't agree with a rule some MAN made somewhere along the line.

The reason that I haven't really given thought to marrying a divorced man without an annulment is because I do believe that person is still married (what God has joined together, let no man separate), and I really do try to do my best with the Ten Commandments. You know, the rules that God Himself gave to us?

I have struggled with a lot lately. And for every step closer I get to feeling like I belong in my church, I get pushed away again. I'm scared for my faith right now, and I don't like that because I LOVE my faith. I don't love the man who sits in the little chair in Rome and encourages us to judge our brothers and sisters in Christ, but I do love my Church. I love Jesus, Mary, the saints and all the tradition. I don't want to leave.

Of course, the only time I ever left was for several months after the 2004 election. I felt like John Kerry was singled out and judged by the entire U.S. Council for Catholic Bishops, and I stopped going to church after the election. Dropped out of the choir, stopped working with the youth group, and just walked away.

I don't want to feel like I don't belong again. And no one should ever feel that way.

I know it's cliche: But what would Jesus do?

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I agree with you so much. I'm a Catholic and for weeks we have had flyers in the bulletin addressing one political issue after another. On the other hand, my sister in Texas has received none. I'm thinking the informatiion must be out there and the Priest chooses (or maybe the Bishop mandates) to enclose this info. I was away from the Church for over 20 years because of a failed marriage. But after searching for peace I had to go back to my roots. Everything was annuled, my current marriage blessed and I'm home. God gives us all a free will to make decisions, political or otherwise no matter what your religious affiliation. I wonder if anyone is asking a Baptist how they could vote for Obama?


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