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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Career aspirations

So, a friend of mine went to a funeral luncheon yesterday. While she was there, she texted me about this casserole she had fallen in love with. (Don't judge. Sometimes there are culinary emergencies.) She explained it to me and then tasked me with figuring out how to make it and cooking it for her.

Anyhow, after a little sleuthing and asking a few more questions, I found her recipe. She was pretty impressed.

I also found about a zillion more things that I want to make, including chocolate chip zucchini bread.

My friend's daughter has gotten into cooking and baking and she wants to go to culinary school. She's just in junior high now, but if she has that kind of passion and keeps working at it, I'm sure she'll have no problem.

Of course, that has me wishing that I'd done something like that. I love being a writer, but I really wish I could've done something with my other passion, which is working in the kitchen.

I wouldn't ever make a negative comment about my education. I got a great education, and I excelled at my studies. But had I not gone to a college prepartory school, perhaps I might have been encouraged to learn a trade. Maybe all-A students are just expected to go to college and get all kinds of degrees and sit at a desk all day.

Now I have way too many student loans to make a career of cooking and baking. Which is unfortunate, because I'm really good at it. I haven't figured out if I'm a better writer or a better cook. I probably have to work harder at cooking and baking, but it's a lot of fun to me.

Maybe things are better as they are. Cooking and baking are still fun for me. Writing tends to be more like work.

And besides, no telling how much I'd weigh if I were around delicious food all the time.

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Maybe you should WRITE a very special COOK book!

By Blogger Princess Mary Sparkles, at 8/19/2011 8:39 AM  

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