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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

House guests

So, because my Writer's Block is not on my desk, I decided to see what the Internet gods had in the way of a writing prompt today.

My writing prompt was to tell about a house guest I had or tell about a time when I was a house guest.

There are so many adventures I've had over the years.

I could tell you about the time my work needed me to go to the Chicago Auto Show, but my client was too cheap to pay for my hotel room at the Fairmont with everyone else, so I had to stay with my friend Kathy. And take a bus to the El to a bus to the Convention Center. Oh, and then I slipped on the icy stairs of her third floor walk-up and wasn't sure how I'd move for the rest of the trip. That was a good time.

Seriously, it was. Although if it hadn't been for a cold, February week in The Windy City, I might have moved there forever. Not going to Chicago for the weekend is on my top ten list of reasons I miss Detroit.

There was the time that a friend came to visit me in Detroit on my birthday. And I had the flu, but she was on some whirlwind tour of the Midwest with no cell phone, so I couldn't cancel. So, I slept on my couch the whole time she was there, including right through a tornado that picked semi trucks up off the Interstate and threw them onto a golf course.

Not nearly as fun as almost breaking my back in Chicago.

Last, but not least, was the time I went to London to visit a friend from college who was working there. February in London is much better than February in Chicago. It was a marvelous trip, except for the part where I slipped in the shower and was sprawled out in the bathtub wrapped in the shower curtain while my male friend is shouting through the door: "Are you OK in there? I'm going to come in and check on you!" Luckily I was able to recover because he came in and saw me in all my glory.

Because I'm pretty sure that would've made me wish I was back in Chicago, hobbling like an old lady with a neck that wouldn't move. With the icy wind cutting through me.

Do you have an interesting house guest story (or three)? Leave it in the comments or leave a link back to your blog.

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Yep, I do. I once arrived at my beach house and found a dear friend camped out in the backyard "waiting" for me. My friend who had not exactly been invited thought it made perfect sense.


By Blogger eleanore, at 7/21/2011 3:12 PM  

The scary thing is that you are not the only person who's told me that exact same story. Maybe another topic for another day would be interlopers who try to ruin vacations!

By Blogger Laura, at 7/21/2011 3:35 PM  

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