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Friday, October 21, 2011

Table for how many?

So, it's my turn to host Thanksgiving. Last year I wanted to host in my new house, but it was Ashley's turn, so this year it's my turn.

My dining room in my house is pretty big, which is good, except I only have a little table right now, which is not good. I'm going to make a new table out of a door, but this means I have to find a vehicle big enough to carry around a door and actually find a door.

I really should do that before Thanksgiving.

So here I am, planning a menu, buying extra pieces of Fiesta, making an inventory of my table linens in my head and mentally arranging pies on top of the buffet, and I have no table. And, actually, if I get a bigger table, I'm probably going to need to procure a few chairs, as well.

Although, I'm not even sure how many people are coming to Thanksgiving.

AND, if the Lions are on TV, are we really going to have some big sit down dinner in the dining room, using gourds with everyone's name carved into them as placecards?

Hmmm... really the holidays are just about the friends and the food, so even if we're eating on card tables, it will be fine.

In fact, as long as there's pumpkin pie, cornbread stuffing, green bean casserole and wine, everything will be OK.

And, if I didn't plan, well, I wouldn't be me!

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