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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Birthday presents...

This message is brought to you by the fine men and women who make Excedrin Migraine. Seriously, it's a complete and total lifesaver.

This year I got some awesome birthday presents. I got Kid Rock's Live Trucker CD, which was awesome because you know I used to live where you could only buy CDs at Walmart, and Kid Rock CDs from Walmart are NO fun. Seriously, Cowboy just isn't the same without the f-word. (Right, Matt? Ha ha.) Denise made me an awesome suncatcher. Every gift I've got has been great.

But there were a few that really stood out in my head, and I wanted to tell you about them because they were really cool. I truly appreciate gifts that folks put a lot of thought into or remember something I told them once randomly. (Except for the time my brother gave me a cat because I mentioned that they were cute and nice to have around. Do you know how much cats cost?)

One gift that I got might possibly be a gift for all of you, too. (As if you're not all sitting at home wishing I'd shut the hell up...) Toma got me this totally awesome book called The Writer's Block. It's a little square book that has all kinds of different ideas on how to jumpstart your writing when you're stuck. There have been plenty of times I could use something like that. It also has lots of great commentary on writing from folks like Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut and many other highly successful writers.

The second gift was a paraffin wax bath. Most of you know that I am a big fan of manicures and I've had a lot of trouble finding someone who does them the way I used to get them at Aveda. I tried to convince my girl in Ohio to buy herself a wax bath, but I think she thought I was bonkers. Seriously, people would be all about manicures if she had one. Anyhow, imagine when I got this present last weekend. (Yes, I know my birthday was in May; she was afraid to ship it here.) I haven't had time to use it yet, but I'm seeing lots of soft hands in my future.

She also gave me another present that really required so much thought and effort that I was speechless when I opened it. Seriously, that rarely happens, folks. For a friend to remember an event that was significant in my life and give me a memento from that evening that I could not have gotten for myself was astounding. (Oh, and it's good for whiskey too, which is ALWAYS a plus. Yay, whiskey!!!)

Anyhow, I am blessed to have such wonderful friends. So many people have been there for me in my life, and I'm not sure that I could ever repay them. Of course, real friends don't ever expect you to repay them. They love you unconditionally.

Seriously, though. Isn't that Writer's Block the coolest thing you've ever seen. And manicures for free!!!! Wooheee!!!! Perfect for a poor person.

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Excederin is the only thing I take for a migraine. I keep it on hand at work as well. Take two a call me in a couple of hours after my nap and the headache is gone.

Hard to take the nap at work though.

By Blogger maynard, at 7/16/2006 5:09 PM  

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