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Monday, September 18, 2006

I needs me spinach!!!!!

But I won't eat it out of a can like Popeye, which is apparently the problem.

Last week I bought this bag of fresh spinach. And life was grand. I was getting greens at every meal because it's easy to put fresh spinach in a pita, salad, etc.

And then last week people started dying and getting sick from e. coli in their spinach. And there's no way to get it off. And the FDA said, "If you have a bag of fresh spinach, throw it out." And sometimes I won't worry. Hell, I had a burger at Jack in the Box the other day and I hadn't done that since they killed people a few years ago. But all of the e. coli from the spinach has been in Ohio and Kentucky. You can't tell me that we here in Tennessee aren't getting spinach from the same fields.

So, in the trash my spinach went. And now the FDA says that the problem is all fresh spinach, not just the pre-packaged bags. I guess I'll just switch to spring mix and romaine until they get it all figured out. It just kind of makes me sad.

I was going to make some spinach dip, so I guess I'll do that before they tell me not to eat frozen spinach, too.

Who knew someone could write a big, long post about a bag of spinach. Only me, I guess.

In a random and totally unrelated note (although it does deal with food), have you ever really thought how food engineers sit around and make a cup of yogurt taste just like a cup of coffee?

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