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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I had a huge-ass run-in with "John," the stupid asshole special events person tonight. It was awful.

Here are the cliff's notes.

1. I sent him an e-mail calling him out for not doing his job, which, in turn, caused me to not be able to do my job.

2. He called me on the phone and lied to me and said he had sent an e-mail last week confirming the information that I'd asked for. (He hadn't. My boss and I looked in the deleted messages -- even the recovered ones. And besides, I'm not a moron.)

3. Then he called me a liar. And then he denied it when I called him out on it. So basically he accused me of lying about being a liar, too. Asshole.

4. He asked me how he could help me do my job. When I told him he got all defensive and told me I offended him. Ass fuck, you just called me a liar. I told you that it was not helpful to get an email telling me there was a conference call 36 minutes before the call took place. And that you should put your phone number in your e-mail signature. Get a fucking grip.

Anyhow, he made me cry and I finally told him that I wasn't talking to him anymore until I talked to my boss. And then I hung up.

I'm not sure what will happen, because I'm sure when Jerry hears his side of the story I'm going to look like an awful beast. But I've always kept my managers up-to-date about his performance, so hopefully that will help. I realize that crying was unprofessional, but I've never had anyone treat me like that before. And I have worked for some real assholes in the past.

I like planning events. We had a blast at the party Saturday. I love story time and crafts. I love the kids and most of their parents. I just wish I could do all that stuff without dealing with him. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do.

I hope I don't have to find a new job because right now I could use the extra cash.

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Sounds like John the Asshole is related to Dweeb our district manager. Dweeb is like a seagull. He swoops in, makes a lot of noise, shits all over everything and then leaves!!!

By Blogger Gerbera Daisy, at 3/21/2007 9:36 AM  

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