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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

If ...

If I were still living in Detroit and I still had a job (two very big "ifs," by the way), I would totally be buying a house right now!

Houses cheaper than cars in Detroit.

It makes me sad. The city that I love more than anything is having a really rough patch. I'm not sure there's anything they can do to recover as the auto industry bottoms out. I always wanted to be part of the urban revitalization, but in the end, I had to leave, too. My job there was no longer a place that I could work (remind me to tell that story some time), and there just weren't any new jobs for me.

There's an old saying that Michiganders are fond of: When the nation's economy gets a cold, Detroit gets pneumonia.

I hope that someone, somewhere can hurry up and save my city.

I'm really ashamed of myself for not being one of those people. How can I expect anyone to help when I got out before it got too bad?

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