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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A little political rant for you

Rudy Giuliani is suggesting that if Democrats are elected in 2008 that another major terrorist attack could happen?

Does this mean he's trying to cash in on Sept. 11?

Surely, he wouldn't. No. Effing. Way.

I think every single candidate (on both sides) needs to pipe the fuck down because the election's still over a year away, but since they won't at least they're giving me lots of material.

Is anyone shocked? Is there anyone who didn't think this would happen? Surely there's no one in America who thought that Rudy Giuliani's campaign platform wasn't going to be "I'm the 'Sept. 11th Guy'; I can save America." Seriously, I'll bet he has t-shirts made that say that.

I think it's totally crass and tasteless, but I kind of feel that way about Hillary and Obama, too, so I'm not getting my panties too much in a wad over it. In fact, I'm already kind of blah about politics in general and I see no hope for an upturn in my mood. This from a woman who used to eat, breathe and sleep elections. I'm over it and it's not even 2008 yet.

Do y'all realize how sad that is?

I am going to sit over here with my other delusional liberal friends who think that Al Gore will toss his hat into the ring after all his Nobel Prize hub-bub. He's a superstar, and he'd win.

But I think the Republicans are on to him, because they sure do like Fred Thompson. That should tell you something; it's what I said in 2004. Whoever the Republicans are afraid of is who the Democrats should support. Duh.

Sidebar: I know Nedra Pickler, the reporter who wrote the story I referenced, from my Detroit days! That's cool!

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