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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fingers crossed ...

From Beverly Keel's column in The Tennessean today:

Folks still wonder about Gore, too

Despite Al Gore's insistence that he doesn't think he'll ever be a candidate again, speculation also persists that, like Fred, he'll toss his hat into the presidential ring.

The New York Observer discusses Tuesday's New York reunion of Al friends being organized by Peter Knight, Al's former chief of staff. The paper spoke to hip Nashville attorney Charles W. Bone, who attended.

"I don't think there is any deliberate effort here to do (anything) other than getting together again," he tells the paper. "My suspicion is that almost everybody in that group probably has some commitments or interest in different candidates." But then that sneak adds, "My instincts say that somebody could get in this in January and turn this thing around. Or maybe even in March or April, if the initial primaries don't develop a clear candidate."

(I'll have to copy that and take it to lunch with me tomorrow. Easier than talking about what we've been avoiding for years, eh? More on lunch later ...)

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