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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hump Day

I'm grateful this week is half over.

I'm grateful that my car passed its emissions test, and all of my car registration nonsense for 2008 has been completed.

I am going to the gym today at lunch. I didn't make it yesterday because I was cursing being a woman and had my birthday lunch.

I'm grateful my friends love me and bought me the perfect birthday gift (a picture frame with sea shells for a vacation picture) and some body lotion called "Hula Girl" that smells like coconuts.

I'm grateful that Hillary Clinton seriously kicked Obama's ass in West Virginia yesterday. She may not get the nomination, but I sure as hell hope that she raises issues about his competency and electability, because I'm not loud enough to do it all by myself. We have a long row to hoe before November, folks.

I think I might have anxiety disorder, and I'm going to talk to my doctor about it. I just don't think all the worrying and how I react to situations is normal. But maybe I am just worrying too much and looking for a name for the fact that I come from a long line of worry-warts. (Although mental illness is hereditary and my dad's worry-wart disposition IS anxiety disorder.)

Yesterday, Mike and I planned most of my birthday extravaganza, which will be May 28, here in Nashville. I'll be gone for my birthday, and he'll be in town the 28th, so we're planning something then. So far I have 4 RSVPs. Yay! I feel loved. If you like supper with a bunch of crazy folks and karaoke madness, let me know! (I hear a rumor there could might be binge drinking, if that's your thing... I don't like it, you know.)

I got another offer for my birthday, but since I'll be off when Mike is here and for the Vision Walk, I just don't know I can miss another day in Toyland. I'm just getting back from vacation, and I'll be super-broke! It was appreciated, though. We'll see how my schedule plays out.

For the most part, I'm doing well today. I think everything is going to be fine. You just have to trust God that everything will turn out like it's supposed to, right?

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