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Sunday, July 26, 2009


First of all, Portia P. Cat is back. Thanks for all the prayers. (And thanks to Chris for leaving the screen door open -- although I wonder what I'd be saying if I had found a skunk or raccoon in my house instead.

Secondly, I had a bit of drama yesterday, and it has been brought to my attention that I am being watched on the Internet. I know my FB is being watched (not exactly sure how because my privacy settings are all pretty high, but whatever). Anyhow, I'm suspecting that this blog will be next.

So, I am going to have to make my blog private again for a while. I hate to do it, but really I have no choice. If you were on "the list" from the last time it was private, you will still be on the list. If you weren't, then I can add you if you e-mail me at richardslj AT gmail. (Put all the mumbo jumbo in to make the address work. You know the drill.)

If you are not actually someone I know in real life please introduce yourself. Please don't be offended if I don't add you, because I am on red alert these days and it appears that I might not know my friends as well as I think I do.

All the merriment will begin Friday, unless I find a reason it needs to be private before then. But I don't anyone to get lost in the shuffle. And, if you do, it'll only be for a little bit...I think.

Sorry this is so cryptic. At some point I hope to explain a little better.

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