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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well, this sucks.

I don't know if you've all noticed, but I absolutely, positively hate the for-profit health care system in this country.

And surprisingly, this post is not actually about all the dickwads in Congress who just voted to repeal our first attempt at fixing our system since FDR was president. Assholes. I'm going to vote to take away their health insurance, too -- by working for their opponents in the next election.

This post is actually about the cocksuckers who run my health insurance company over at United Healthcare. (Yes, I'm putting their name in here in case they Google themselves. They deserve to know how much they are loved. And I'm not saying anything inaccurate, so they can't do anything to me.)

You see, it's been three years since their last pissing match with the hospital where all my doctors are. And it's really not looking good, although I have yet to get the "your-doctors-are-such-big-meanies-that-we-can't-work-with-them-anymore-so-we-hope-you-don't-get-sick" letter.

I am going to go out on a limb and say it. I don't think I have written about it here before, but I went to Vanderbilt doctors once and left crying. I really don't see myself as committing to their health system anytime soon. My one experience at Centennial hospital when I hurt my face wasn't horrible, but they really fucked me over with that whole lawsuit thing, so I would prefer not to go back there.

But most importantly, I love my doctors. My GP is awesome, my ophthalmogist and my OB/GYN are all exceptional. They know my medical history and are concerned for my wellbeing. And, they're all at Baptist Hospital, which was completely intentional on my part. If something happens to me or I need some type of surgery or medical stay, I want to go to Baptist.

So, what's going to happen if my hospital doesn't let United rape them in the name of profits is that there will be no point in going to my doctors because if something happened to me, they wouldn't have privileges at the hospitals I'd have to go to. So, yes, this really sucks.

And, I think you've all been here long enough to know what I'll do if I can't go to my doctors. I'll just stop going. Rather than find new doctors, I will just not go. Maybe I'll get really sick and need to go to the emergency room, and then I probably won't care that I have to go to Vanderbilt. But my six month blood work, annual exams and and check-ups? Nope, not looking for three new doctors for that. I'll just go back to being a ticking time bomb.

I don't like change. From before I was born until I was 30 years old, I went to the same doctor -- the son of the man who delivered me. The three of them (the dad and his two sons) had a family practice not far from where we lived back in Michigan. I went to the dad when I was a baby and then his sons after they graduated from medical school. They took care of me and they knew me. And, in the last five years I've built that with my doctors here.

I shouldn't have to change.

But, then again, the insurance company shouldn't take 600 bucks a month for my premiums and then STILL demand concessions from my providers, especially since they just raised my copays. What exactly does insurance pay for?

So, by not going at all, that means that not a dime of my 600/month goes toward my care. That'll make a nice bonus for some insurance executive.

Oh, well. At least I'm doing my part.

And at least my Congressman is one of the good guys who stood up for us yesterday. Seriously, if your representative voted against health care reform you should be pissed. We need a government-run plan. I know people are against big government and yadda yadda blah blah blah, but I'd take my chances with big government if I have to choose between them and big business anyday. Even the current crop of shitty public servants we have are better than some bean counter trying to create record profits at the expense of our health.

Just think of it that way. It's not doctors, it's accountants, who are calling the shots with our medical care. It's not a commitment to quality, it's the almighty dollar, that is the ultimate decider in what care we get and where we get it.

How's that better than what they have in Canada?

Please someone explain that to me while I cancel all my doctors' appointments for next month. And then say a little prayer that I stay healthy.

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Wow, that really does suck. I'm glad I'm English as our Health Care is free. I love the NHS.

By Blogger OfManyLove, at 1/25/2011 4:08 PM  

I hate hearing this. Even more, I hate when those with a louder voice than ours continue to exclaim how wonderful our healthcare system is. It isn't. Good luck with whatever you decide

The Spinsterlicious Life

By Blogger eleanore, at 1/29/2011 9:36 AM  

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