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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


...June will be better.

In fact, I know it will. First of all, the theme for June is "fan," and I got all kinds of commentary for that. The South is hotter than a mofo right now, so there's that kind of fan, and the other kind of fan...well, that'll fill up a book, hours of therapy and several blog posts, I'm sure.

I am finding this topic quite ironic because on the way to work this morning, I was thinking about some of the lunatic fans I've encountered and all their plusses and minusues. The minuses made me want to be antisocial and cave up from the outside world (that and being completely and totally overextended with everyone else's nonsense), but if i had all that free time, I could work on one of the plusses, which is to work on my book. So, that'd be a plus. Assuming I can actually write fiction...because, as you know, this has so far been a strictly nonfiction operation. (Also probably why people piss me off.)

I will save most of the merriment for tomorow, but there will be more writing here. I'm still not going to write for the sake of writing, but I need to get some of the shit that's in my brain out. I'm hoping that doesn't piss you off.

But, then again, not really sure I care. This is still MY blog.

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