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Sunday, May 22, 2011


So, yesterday was my birthday. I turned 35. Surprisingly, it was just like any other day, really. Except with cake.

Yesterday was busy. I had the Vision Walk in the morning. It was nice and a great success. Of course, I am really out of shape, but that's going to change very soon.

Starting this week, I am trying a 70 day plan. Losing weight would be nice, but I'll be fine regardless. I just want to be more fit. I don't like things being so jiggly. I'd love it if my clothes fit a little better.

I don't care how much I weigh really. I love myself. I don't worry about other people's judgments of me. It's taken me a really long time to realize that, but that's OK. But I'd like to live to see the other half of 70, and statistics show that people who exercise more than 20 minutes a day are healthier. So, it's time to stop being lazy. Although it's usually less lazy and more busy that keeps me from working out.

Although today, 110% lazy. I do have dinner in the oven, though. That's progress. Just don't ask if I am still wearing my pajamas at 6 p.m.

I'm headed to the shower as soon as I get done writing this. I thought you might all miss me.

I painted another painting last night. It's my brother's birthday present. It was the hardest one I've done, and it doesn't look great, so I hope he doesn't hate it.

I wish I could get motivated to go back to church. With Easter and the wedding, I was doing better, but now I am a little distressed by this report on the church's abuse history. It's never bothered me before, but blaming it on the 1960s? Really?

Because we all know from our lives that if you don't take responsibility for your actions, you can't improve your situation.

And when it comes to sexual abuse by priests, I can't even bear the thought of that.

I need to call work and find out my schedule for the week. I need to vacuum my house.

I need a nap.

Maybe this is what 35 feels like?

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