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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

There's also house stuff

I think I was getting some bad ju-ju having that last post be at the top of my blog. Not that I am ashamed of it (I have nothing to be ashamed of, really), I just don't like thinking about being lied to and losing a friend. And, from some other recent events (which may be another post), I have a feeling that my friend is probably not really lost, but rebuilding trust is very hard. Although sometimes you can get back to being friends even if that's all it is. Trust me, that I know. Much like it is broken with the ex-wives, once I get left for them, it's broken with me too. Nobody ever wins in these situations.

Anyhow, this is about house stuff. Let's see -- what's new to report on the house? Lots of stuff.
1. My bathroom was painted Saturday, a lovely Caribbean blue color. It will be accessorized shortly. It's going to be super cool.
2. The den is finally getting artwork and a bigger flat-screen TV (which means the living room is also getting a flat-screen TV, the den's old one).
3. There are doors on the laundry room and ceiling fans in all the bedrooms (although the fan switch doesn't work on mine, which pisses me off a little).
4. Landscape lighting has been installed along the front path.

There are still things to do:
We are working on the door table right now. In fact, I have to go to Lowe's at lunch to get different mounts for the table legs, because I bought the wrong ones. After it is sanded and the legs are attached, I'm going to get a piece of glass or plexiglass for the top. At some point I need to track down two wooden chairs to paint. I am thinking eggplant and yellow.

My bedroom and bathroom is a work in progress. The goal is to be completely unpacked and decorated before my brother visits at the end of June. We'll see.

I need to call a plumber to see what might be wrong with the line from the toilet to the sink in the guest bathroom. It's not getting any cold water since we fixed the hot water heater. There's also a dripping noise which seems to be pipes contracting, although I'm really hoping it isn't a leak because I do not want to rip out walls.

I would also like to plant some sort of flowers out front, but I'm trying to spend as little money as possible until further notice. I have spent hundreds of dollars working on the house the past week weeks and none of it was really necessary, although some argument could be made for ceiling fans in 100-degree heat.

There's still more to do. At some point, I need to deal with the attic (especially because that seems to be why my fan is not connected to its switch) and eventually I need to build out the closet in the front bedroom. Perhaps most importantly, I should probably put a railing around my back porch before someone falls off of it and my homeowners insurance gets canceled.

But for all the griping, I love having a house that is mine. Eventually -- way down the road -- we'll put in a breakfast bar and reconfigure the kitchen and den area and redo the master bath. But we'll need lots of equity before those things happen.

At least it looks pretty in the meantime.

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