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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Whole lotta updates

First, quick house update: loan is approved, house passed inspection. Now I wait to see when I get to close. Trying to decide if I really need to shut the utilities off from the inspection and turn them back on when I close. Haven't done it yet, and no one's said anything. But I don't want to screw anything up either. Oh, I'm also waiting to hear from the homeowners' association about putting a fence around my deck because it's up so high.

In this new-fangled effort to improve myself, I've worn jewelry to work today. I even sprayed on a nice perfume. I have not, however, attempted to put on make-up. That will require waking up earlier. It's a miracle I am awake and clothed when I arrive here each morning. However, the new house has a separate tub and shower and being that I'm not a huge fan of teeny-tiny showers, I will probably start taking baths in the evening and adjusting my routine. Perhaps that will translate to time for make-up. We'll see, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Some people are just not girly.

House. Girliness. What else?

Oh, because I am down to only a few pairs of pants that still fit, I am going to get serious about losing weight starting Jan. 1. I know everyone says that, but I have to. I'm starting to feel unhealthy, and I don't like that feeling. I know I'll never be thin, but I'd really love to fit into my pants. I'm not going back to Weight Watchers, though. Or at least that's not the current plan. I suck ass at keeping track of points. I think I am going to check out the local TOPS club next week. I had a lot of success with TOPS. Maybe I can do that again. And the gym. No matter what, there will be lots of quality time at the gym in the new year.

As a matter of fact, I think I'll call them to inquire about tomorrow. I'm done stressing about the house, so I guess I'll work on the next thing, which is me.

Not that I'm a fan of resolutions (although we currently have: make more of an effort on personal appearance, floss and lose weight listed), but I am going to work on my novel in 2012. Not necessarily because it's a new year, but because there is apparently a market for it, and I'm going to try it out.

Not much going on around here. I think I am going to make dinner tonight and then veg on the TV with a movie. I got that new Justin Timberlake one for Christmas, and that doesn't sound like a bad time.

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Make-up, smake-up! I can't see you ever being one of those women that spends insane amounts of time in front of the mirror before work. That is just craziness. Hope you have a great New Year and that we get to spend some time together. Miss you...

By Blogger Rosalie, at 1/03/2012 10:16 AM  

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