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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Random thought of the day

So, the Associated Press just issued some new Stylebook entries on fashion. One of the entries was "Bloomingdale's."

And do you know what I thought when I heard the word "Bloomingdale's"?

The same thing I've thought for about 20 years now.

In high school there was a girl who apparently liked Bloomingdale's and apparently had a variety of underwear that said "Bloomie's" on the ass. I was not fashionable enough then, nor am I now, to know how culturally significant such underpants were. I recognized the type face as being from Bloomingdale's. I'm a journalist, we recognize typefaces. So I deduced that is where she purchased these underwear.

As for how I knew she had them? I wish I could report that I saw them changing after gym class, but that would be a lie.

Truth is, she always wore them with khaki pants, so that if one followed her khaki pants day, you could read her undies.

To this day, I always wear plain white underwear with khaki pants. And, also to this day, that's the only thing I remember about this certain person from high school.

I've never actually made it to Bloomingdale's. I am not sure I could go in there without cracking up. (And/or checking my ass in a mirror to make sure no one can read my underpants.)

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