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Thursday, October 19, 2006

California dreamin'

I need a fucking ocean. Now. Charlene says I can stay on her couch, but I'm pretty sure my place of employment would not like me to leave right now. Nor do I have the money for plane fare or the chutzpah to hitch-hike cross country.

So, until I get out there again (I'm thinking maybe President's Day weekend...), then the pictures and memories will have to tide me over.

Miss Toma (Note to readers: this part of my blog is now about my friend Toma. And ME!!!!) just informed me that she lives in California, as well, on that same ocean as Charlene and that I can visit her anytime as well.

I have a feeling I'll be hitting the Gulf coast before then, but I'm thinking President's Day Weekend is soooooo on!!!!!!!

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Love reading your stuff, LJ. Now I see my name which is too funny. I will have to buy a new mattress for the futon sofa before then so you are comfortable. We'll figure out what to do with Sherri later. It's good that you will have two friends to visit. President's day is not too far away, so start planning. I've always lived by the ocean and cannot imagine living too far inland. I'm sure you will love it.

Take care, Charlene

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