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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Just to clear things up

People who this blog is about:
sometimes my friends just a little...
and Me me me me me me!!!!!

People this blog is not about:
Everyone else. So most likely you.

If it is about you, I will mention your name or give you a clever nickname. If you're not sure if you are the person getting a clever nickname, you can leave a comment and I'll clear it up for you.

Even if I call you something really embarrassing like the Pretty Princess.

And just for the record, not that I mention the "Crazy Bitches" (not a clever nickname, but a way of life, really...) very often, but when I do I generally mean the original crazy bitches. So those of you who are new are really getting the shaft. You might take that up with your leader. Who's that these days? Still Mrs. Chesney?

Does that help, Jenn?

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i feel like such a celebrity. thank you so much.

so that little girl kelli is you arch enemy. how old are you...30 and shes a teenager? your fighting with a teenager. if you could see i right now...there are tears coming out of me eyes because im laughing so hard. a grown woman fighting with a teenager. classic.

how many grammar errors can you find in this post? hahahahahaha

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2006 9:29 AM  

Well, Jenn, I promised to post your comments so that my friends and I could make fun of you, but you did such a great job on your own. Thanks!

Just one quick question? Who the hell is Kelli? Because I don't know anyone named Kelli, teenager or otherwise, and as far as I know I'm not fighting with her.

However, there are plenty of grown women who act like children who enjoy defaming me. Maybe it's time to post all their pictures and tell their stories.

Just to clear things up. Not because I think it'd be fun to watch everyone laugh as hard as I have over the whole thing. That'd be mean.

P.S. If there really is this Kelli person who I allegedly hate, maybe she could leave a message and tell me why I hate her. That'd help a lot.

Oh and Jenn, one more time I'm going to suggest that you move on.I know that GVSU is like the easiest college in the world, but surely you have some homework to do?

By Blogger Laura, at 10/20/2006 12:04 PM  

you said that my leader was mrs. chesney. unless there is another that i am not aware of...mrs. chesney = kelli.

what do my pics have to do with anything? just because i dont post them on my blog, doesnt mean i dont post them elsewhere.

and nice try on the GVSU thing too. but just fyi...GVSU is the second hardest university to get into and graduate from in the state of michigan. so basically i doubt youd cut it. and before you decide to make such ambitious comments perhaps you should have some facts to back it up. or to discount it, in this case.

how was enough for you?
how many grammar error were there?

and just so this is your not greatest attempt to call me stupid..i got into GVSU with a 3.92 and have maintained it. so i guess one could say i am bored.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/22/2006 6:54 PM  

So, you're doing all their dirty work and haven't even gotten to hear about Kenny's secret girlfriend? That's so sad. That would at least make it entertaining. As for the pictures, that has nothing to do with you, either. Nothing here really does, which was my whole point.

I know all about Michigan's educational system, having been recruited by every school in the state. I ended up going to the second-best journalism school in the country (not in Michigan) instead.

I'm all done with this topic. You know what grandma always said about arguing with a fool... Let's all move on now. I have an online scrapbook to work on!

By Blogger Laura, at 10/22/2006 8:04 PM  

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