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Thursday, November 29, 2007


As my long-time readers know, OU was very excited when former Nebraska head coach Frank Solich came to Athens to lead the Bobcats. Well, at least until he had his little traffic incident.

While I was in school, OU had this great coach named Jim Grobe. I liked him. He won lots of games. Then he went off to Wake Forest and was even named AP Coach of the Year.

Today I see an article that Nebraska athletic director and former coach Tom Osborne (Solich's boss) is looking for a new head coach. Jim Grobe is on the short list.

I remember Solich's first year at OU there were all these folks in red shirts that said "Huskers for Solich." Wonder if any Grobe-loving Bobcats would head out to Lincoln if he can somehow be swayed from Wake Forest.

Mostly, I just find it funny that OU has all these great coaches and still manages to have one of the most laughable football programs in the country. Thank God I went there for Journalism.

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