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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Two posts in 24 hours...

I haven't done that in a long time.

First of all, my vacation chronicles will be posted here next week. Promise. Might even have time to deal with them this weekend since I suspect my plans are about to become abbreviated.

I need to go to bed, but I just wanted to say that this is quite easily one of the worst days in my recent memory. It was absolutely awful. Maybe it's just PMS, but I just want to cry.

Let's see -- some highlights:

I had cramps and I was sick all day.

I still went to Toy Hell, where I found out it was me, two guys who don't work, about eight new people (as in I'd-never-seen-them-before-new) and our absolutely most worthless employee. Oh, and she was the only cashier.

And the Vice President of the company was coming to the store tomorrow morning and our strictest manager was closing. (Although any manager would've been strict before a visit...)

The store was still a mess when I left at 12:15. I had to get home. I'm too busy at "real work" to fuck with the toy store all night.

Did I mention that a guy accused me of being a racist because I wouldn't let him return PlayStation games that he lied to me about? And he was MEXICAN. Yeah, I hate Mexicans. Half my family is Mexican, you moron. He's like "You are not helping me because I'm Mexican. I am a U.S. citizen." And my sister-in-law isn't. Your point?

I wanted to call him a bad name in Spanish as he was leaving.

I just have other shit going on too, but I think I think I got some of the answers I needed when I got home. It was just a sucky day, and now I'm going to bed for a couple of hours before I have to go do it again.

Song of the day: "The Girl I Am" by Gretchen Wilson.

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