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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Road Trip

I took a road trip this weekend. I don't really want to talk about it right now. I'm just being a girl.

One thing I do want to talk about is those blinking signs that say "In Emergencies tune in to XXX radio station for up-to-date traffic information." You see a lot of them when you drive 600 miles one way, especially when the weather's bad; you notice them all then.

Anyhow, here in Nashville they pretty much blink all the time. And it's not emergency information nor is it up-to-date. At some point, aren't people going to stop checking those warnings and tuning in if the information is several days old and it's "news" that everyone already knows, like "Buckle your safety belt." I don't think the transportation department should anesthetize the general public to the emergency warning system. Oh well. I'll probably keep tuning in and hearing "Buckle your safety belt" even when there's a blizzard on a mountain and I'd really love up-to-date information.

I'm home now. I'm tired. I'm grumpy. I might cry. I'm really hoping it's not hormones.

Song of the day: "See You Again" by Miley Cyrus.

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Glad to see that you made it home safely. I hope you had a good weekend and your return trip was less eventful

By Blogger rosalie, at 3/03/2008 8:11 AM  

Glad to hear that you had a safe trip, but I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling up to par. I'm here to listen if you need an ear, call, text, or email if you want.

BTW, I love the song, it's one of my favorites right now.

By Anonymous Patty, at 3/03/2008 9:09 AM  

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