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Monday, September 08, 2008

All kinds of randomness

I got up early to work on these five press releases that I need to mail out today. Unfortunately, I can't connect to my work computer, so I will have to do them the second that I get to work. It will be a busy day. No slacking for me.

I'm still a little nervous that we'll get raked over the coals for our mistake on Friday. But, you know what? We had four other people in the office read the newsletter, and the person affected by the mistake said not to worry about it, so I'm going to try not to worry about it.

I just thought of something. I haven't had any trouble with my computer, but Crystal's just died for no apparent reason. I hope there's nothing wrong with mine and that's why I can't connect. But I connected to my machine but couldn't get on the server, so I think it's a server issue. I hope it's not a big server issue, because that would suck more than my own personal computer melting.

I can't believe I got up at 5:30 and can't even work on the project that I wanted to complete. At least I'm practically ready for work at a time that's much earlier than my usual wake-up time.

I'm excited about vacation. I wish it was sooner than it is. I'm really hoping everything will work out. I think it will. We're all super-excited, and we've tied up most of the loose ends. I'm thinking about just getting packed and sending our dry box off and being all done with vacation planning, so it won't stress me out anymore.

I think a lot of it is that we learned our lesson last year, and if we don't buy our stuff for the trip while the summer clearance is going on, we will be in trouble. And, I definitely don't want another shoe store employee to laugh at me if I ask if they have any summer shoes on clearance. Customer service at its finest.

Speaking of customer service, I should tell you about yesterday in Toyland. It was just hell, and some of our customers were real gems. There's this new girl, and I can't figure out if it just takes her a long time to learn things or if she's lazy. All I know is she somehow circumvented the system we have to take returns back without receipts. I'm not going to make too much commentary about the customer she did it for, but I will say we're probably screwed once she tells her friends there's a person there who will take things back without receipts. It's totally against Toyland's corporate policy, and you really can't do it without a manager, but somehow she is getting them through. Oh well, it's not my problem.

I did find out that Special Events Asshole John is going to lose his job because a) they are phasing out events at the store level and just having corporate events and b) they just figured out that he hasn't done anything for two years. Well, I have three words for him: Karma's a bitch.

I told Brian that I will help with these corporate events if he needs me to, especially if John is gone. The sad thing is, my new store could really use corporate events to boost sales, whereas Troy Gentry's kids were getting toys whether the economy was bad or not at the old store. Although we are having a great sales year (our best ever). I think it's because more people are moving out that way.

OK, I think I have wasted a significant amount of time. I should probably finish getting ready for work. We're getting back to carpooling today. I was going to go early to finish this work (although if the server is down, the server is down) but I didn't want to miss the carpool.

One last thought: Waking up at 5:30 a.m. makes you tired by 7. Even with two big cups of coffee.

That Crazy Bitch Sarah Palin's friends are on Good Morning America today. Really, I'm shocked that she has friends. But I'm more shocked about what kids these days call journalism.

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