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Thursday, September 04, 2008

I've got two tickets to paradise...

Every time I work on vacation stuff, I sing that song in my head. (Except now I have "That song in my head" by Julianne Hough stuck in there...) But I digress.

Plane tickets. Check.
Villa. Pretty sure this is a check.
Jeep rental (for $350 -- patting myself on the back). Check.

One full week of doing nothing but drinking rum, getting sunburned and listening to Bob Marley? Super check!

Get ready, St. John, because "No Stalkers Allowed 2008" is coming to your city!!! (That "city" being Coral Bay.)

I already know that Saturday night is cheeseburgers at Skinny Legs. Moe, get my mango painkiller ready!

Song of the day: "Vacation" by the Go-gos.

Photo of the day: The view from the top of Bordeaux Mountain.
Bordeaux Mountain

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