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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I don't know how many people outside of Ohio know Stephanie Tubbs Jones, but I have to ask you all -- Democrat or Republican -- to pray for her.

Stephanie was elected several years ago as Ohio's first black Congresswoman. She is from Cleveland, and she is a great lady. I was introduced to her by Governor Strickland back when he was in Congress with her. She even offered me a job in Washington after graduation from OU, but I chose to go back to Detroit instead.

Anyhow, today while she was driving in Cleveland, Rep. Tubbs Jones had a brain aneurysm and she's in the hospital. She's in bad shape. The doctors can't get to the aneurysm's location in her brain, and her mental capacity is limited right now. She needs big time prayers.

I don't think that illness is affected by party lines. I would hope Republicans feel sad that Elizabeth Edwards and Ted Kennedy have cancer, just like I shed tears when I heard of Tony Snow's passing. At least, that's my hope. Yes, Stephanie is a Democrat, but she's a good person, and she really needs us all in her corner right now.

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