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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thought of the Day

Barack Obama is not a Muslim.

And even if he is, America is not a Christian country. It's the land of the free, and the free are whatever damn religion they choose. And Muslims are not bad people. Extremists are bad people, whether they are Al Quaeda, racist skinheads or crazy right-wing Christians who blow up abortion clinics and such.

And, even then, isn't it God's place to judge?

As I told someone just yesterday: Say you don't want "socialized" medicine (not that you'll get that with Obama anyhow), say you want to keep your taxes down (not that Obama is going to raise them, even though he probably should) or say that you think taking the troops out of Iraq is a bad idea. Have a reason politically or ideologically to dislike Barack Obama. And if you have that, you don't need to talk about how he was born in Kenya (he wasn't), is Muslim (he's not) or did coke in college.

Why does that video of Rodney King shouting "Can't we all just get along?" keep running through my head.

Song of the Day: "Ain't that America" by John Mellencamp.

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