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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I have been sick lately, but I'm pretty sure that I didn't have the swine flu. Or at least Lance said my temperature was never high enough. All I know is that I felt like I might die there a few times since Monday.

So, now I am feeling a little better, which is good because I'm still busy. I had to work at Toyland today, but it wasn't bad at all.

Now I am home, and I'm watching Sweet Home Alabama while I cook some beer chicken for tomorrow. I got my first farmers' co-op delivery today. We got tons of lettuces, radishes, green onions, strawberries, a whole chicken and eggs. I'm pretty excited. However, the fridge at Toyland froze some of the lettuce. It probably would've been ok on the breakroom table while I worked, so lesson learned for the next time I have to rush from one job to the next on a Wednesday.

I am excited about the beer chicken. I made it once before, but I really thought it needed a rub to give it more flavor. I wasn't sure what kind to use or if I should make one, but then I remembered I had some grill rub from Rendezvous, the famous barbecue place in Memphis. Needless to say, I decided to try that this time. I'm hoping it's as delicious as I think.

So dinner tomorrow is beer chicken, mac and cheese, salad and maybe baked beans. I'm thinking strawberry shortcake for dessert, but I may use sugar cookies for the cakes like my grandma suggested. That sounds yummy. I'll report back on how that works.

My face is still bothering me. I don't know if it's still healing or if I have permanent nerve damage. What I do know is that my insurance company is going after the place I fell, and they expect me to help them. I'm not a particularly litigious person, so I don't know what to do with all this correspondence with words like "legal counsel" and "settlement." I guess we'll see how that all pans out.

I finally decided what to do for my birthday. I'm just having a cookout at the house since we'll have Shelby that day. I don't want to ask Chris' mom to watch her for us. I'm sure she'll be the hit of the party.

Mike's coming from Atlanta next week, so at some point in the next few days I'll need to clean my house. I just need to do lots of laundry and run the vacuum for the most part. With a two year old, it seems like you're always doing laundry.

Lastly, don't you hate when you tell someone to drop something, and they keep going with it? Especially when it involves the person sticking his or her nose where it doesn't belong. I really can't stand drama, and that ALWAYS causes drama. So then I'm digging out and apologizing for something I didn't do. It's so lovely. Oh well.

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