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Monday, August 23, 2010

Two thoughts

Just two quick thoughts. I will spare you the big, giant, pissed-off rant that I had started to write. Too personal anyhow.

1. I can't figure out who's scarier: people who think Islam is a cult and not a religion OR people who think Catholicism is a cult and not a religion. But, secretly I suspect they may be the same people.

2. People who make fun of someone because they could have cancer are evil, malicious, asshole-y cunt bags. And, for the first time in months, I really hope they are still reading this. I hate to waste a good insult.

Which leads me to my "bonus" thought (let's call this 2B): No one deserves cancer. I don't care if they smoke six packs a day, go to the tanning bed everyday or drink half of the Jack Daniels distillery. No one deserves to get sick, especially not from a super shitty disease.

And, in case you're not my FB friend and I scared you a little, I don't officially have cancer. My doctor thinks I might have some pre-cancerous spots that need to be removed surgically, but I will know more later this week. But a) I didn't do anything to cause myself to have cancer and b) even if I did, it's not anyone's business, nor did I deserve it. So, there.

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