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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Coffee. Need more coffee.

While I am off finding more coffee, you think of interesting things for us to talk about. Feel free to leave them in the comments.

Now, as you were.

P.S. Kind of related, someone asked me the other day what the theme of my blog is. Now this blog doesn't really have a theme, and it makes me feel like a bad blogger. It's just all the random shit that flows out of my brain, through my finger tips and onto the Internets for strangers to read. I have my recipe blog, which would be better if I: a) cooked and b) posted pictures of what I cook. And I tried that whole music thing, but I stopped caring. Although I am feeling the urge to address an important issue here in Nashville. Maybe soon.

The point of this sidebar, which is now actually longer than the post it accompanies, was to ask all of you if I needed a theme. Do I have to be a certain type of blogger? Do I have to blog about something?

I don't know. If I get to choose, I just want to be me. And besides, I'm pretty sure the only people left reading this are my friends who crave more than my assinine Facebook updates. I don't even think my stalkers care anymore! But good for them. Really.

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