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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Small political rant

So, I have seen the rumblings on the Interwebs about Michelle Obama's vacation. Let me sum them up if you haven't seen them.

They go something like this: Can you believe that Michelle Obama has the nerve to go overseas and blow America's money while there is a recession going on. Lots of Americans would love to be taking a European vacation!

First comment: I highly doubt the Americans bitching about Michelle Obama's vacation want to go to Europe. They're real Americans who don't want to interact with pansy-ass foreigners, especially not -- God forbid -- Europeans.

They don't speak English in Europe, and everyone knows people who don't speak English are worthless, right?

So, after we get past people who hate the Obamas being separatists and racists, then let's get to the next part of my rant.

Michelle Obama doesn't actually work for America. In fact, she really doesn't have a job. Yeah, she's first lady, but that's a job where she does a whole bunch of shit for America for free. Did you hear me? We give Michelle an office and a staff, but we don't pay her shit. In fact, she gave up a pretty rockin' job with a great salary to be first lady. If nothing else, we should give her a fist bump and a beer for being such a trooper for the good ol' US of A.

So, since Michelle is not on our payroll, really we shouldn't bitch about how much vacation time she takes. If she wanted to travel the globe and only show up for the occasional state dinner, do we really have a gripe? I'll bet these same people bitching about Michelle going on vacation would've loved it if Hillary had just traveled abroad on her own dime and left America alone.

Lastly, as I mentioned before, Michelle used to have a pretty good job and did OK for herself before she started working for America for free. I'm guessing she has a few pesos in the bank for special occasions like a vacation with a grieving friend. She must, because she paid for everything out of her own pocket. I know our closed-minded friends will find that hard to believe because she's black and from Chicago and a -- the horror -- Democrat. So is Oprah. Live with it.

Millionaires get to take more vacations. That's life. Sorry you're not one of them, and if you keep voting for Republicans who like to screw the poor, I'm guessing it's never going to happen for you.

And yes, she had to drag along the secret service. That's the law. Not one of you bitched and moaned about Laura Bush having secret service. No one griped when our cowboy crusader holed up on his private ranch (that he totally made us pay for) when there was work to do.

I'm so sick of the double standard. I am way over all the Republicans bitching and moaning about the Democrats doing all this shit that doesn't even compare to what Bush and Cheney did. But God forbid I ever mention that because I'd be as un-American as French fries (which are American, by the way). Maybe you're just trying to blame the eight nightmare years of Bush trying to run this country on people who actually know what they are doing.

I don't know. But I do know you all thought Michelle Obama was "un-American" when she said during the campaign it was the only time she felt proud to be an American. Well, you know what, call me whatever name you want (Commie lesbian baby killer is a favorite of mine), but you all make feel like I need to take a shower. You embarrass me. I worry for our country.

And before everyone gets in a huff, I don't mean all Republicans. Some of my best friends are Republicans. But they don't use their politics as an excuse to be racist. They base their politics on the issues, not on the color of a man's skin. That's fine. If everyone agreed, America would be boring. But at least try to sound intelligent and less hateful. Because hate doesn't prove any point except that you are a jackass.

OK, this was not a small rant. Sorry about that.

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Why was Michelle Obama spreading "stimulus" money in Spain? Do you suppose Barack Hussein Obama told her he can't get re-elected without the votes of Hispanics who aren't American citizens and she thought he meant the non-American Hispanics living in Spain?
At least those foreigners are much better than "voters" in American cemeteries!
BTW, in 1928 Herbert Hoover's campaign promised that if he were elected there would be "a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage."
Well, Obama has come up with a Hoover twist and says that if he's re-elected there will be "a chick in every car and some pot in every garage"!
For some insights into Obamessiah and his think-alikes, Google "Obama Avoids Bible Verses," "Obama Supports Public Depravity," "Government-Approved Illegals," and "Imam Bloomberg's Sharia Mosque."

(read the above on the net)

By Blogger lounorm, at 8/10/2010 6:07 PM  

Laura, I love you! Will you marry me?

By Blogger Sheri, at 8/10/2010 7:27 PM  

See, that article proves my point. It can't just be about a vacation. It has to be about Obama being black or Muslim or not from America. There are some really offensive comments in that article that play to racial stereotypes? Why can't we just talk about the issues at hand without making it about race? Let's all be intelligent adults. That is all I want.
Secondly, everyone who knows me knows I love Hispanics and am not really bothered by illegals. I like a freshly mowed lawn, orange juice and margaritas too much. And before you call me racist, my family is Mexican and I am not.
Lastly, I am smart and my roommate is a historian, and it was the great FDR who promised a chicken in every pot.

By Blogger Laura, at 8/10/2010 7:33 PM  

Sheri, if things don't work out with Rachel I will give you a call!

By Blogger Laura, at 8/10/2010 7:46 PM  

I'm a Rebublican (and darn proud of it!), but I've gotta give you two thumbs up for that rant.

By Blogger Andrea, at 8/11/2010 4:26 PM  

Andrea, I know why you are a Republican (the issues, duh) and I totally respect you for it. Now if you send me an e-mail implying that Obama eats only fried chicken and watermelon, then I retract every nice thing I have said about you :)

By Blogger Laura, at 8/11/2010 4:43 PM  

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