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Friday, June 03, 2011


Tonight, I made myself a nice, frosty cosmo. It was a good way to end a very long, short work week. 5 p.m. on Friday couldn't get here soon enough.

As I drank my cosmo, I thought about Carrie Bradshaw, the fictional woman in the "Sex and the City" show. I love Sex and the City. I have the entire box set of DVDs of the show and both movies. I just love the whole premise of it. Four women living in the big city, who tell it like it is and are there for each other as they navigate their crazy lives. I think we all have our close friends that we can share anything with. It was a great show.

One thing female fans of the show do is to figure out which character they are most like. And I've always identified with Carrie Bradshaw. I'm neurotic, single, a writer. Sometimes Carrie tries to sabotage her relationships, usually unintentionally, when things are otherwise good. And, I really do love a good cosmo.

Somedays I wish I were more like Carrie. I'd love a cute little walk-up apartment in a real big city (Nashville is nice, but it's not hustle and bustle like New York). I'd love to write books and have my face on the side of a bus.

Well, maybe, all that attention comes with a lot of scrutiny. Here I'm kind of anonymous, and I still have had to deal with a whole bunch of shit from some loony tooneys along the way. Maybe I'll write my great American novel with a psuedonym.

We'll see. I'm nowhere near worrying about that yet.

Cosmos. Writing. Friends. One of my all-time favorite shows.

And since we're supposed to be learning new things about me, I will tell those of you who are new that last year, on my birthday, I won a contest to be a VIP at the Sex and the City 2 sneak preview. I got to see it before everyone else, best seats in the theater and got a prize pack from California that included SATC martini glasses. It was very cool because I never win anything.

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And it was even MORE cool because I went with you!!!!

By Blogger Princess Mary Sparkles, at 6/07/2011 4:47 PM  

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