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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have a little writer's block, and a whole lot of shit to write.

I have done everything in my office that does not require me to write copy. I have updated the website, prepared some course evaluations, did the pagination for the next issue of my magazine, went through all my press clippings, caught up with PRSA on the Internet. Yep, all done.

So, it's time to write magazine articles and press releases, and I can barely eek out a blog post. It's going to be a very long day, isn't it?

While I like all the layout and creative stuff I do (although I'm less creative than I used to be), I dislike not having standing weekly writing assignments. Because when I do have to write, it's like pulling teeth sometimes.

(I know what you are all thinking. If you wrote here everyday, you'd be sharper. I know that. I'm doing much better, aren't I?)

I'm going to go try to write something. I'll start with the easy stuff. Maybe that will help. It'll all get done by Friday. Maybe I just needed to wait until it felt like I was on deadline. I'm not sure.

So, today I'm not a fan of writer's block. But since I'm supposed to be telling you things that I am a fan of so you can learn more about me, and the subject of this post is "Block," I will tell you (in case you didn't know) that I love New Kids on the Block.

Love them.

I will not, unfortunately, be partaking in this whole NKOTB-Backstreet Boys nonsense because I don't actually know who the Backstreet Boys are aside from JT. Oh wait, JT's from 'NSync. Maybe I meant Nick Lachey... Actually, no. After I became a grown-up, I was pretty much off boy bands, so this is pretty much how it goes: NKOTB, yes; JT, yes; Nick Lachey, hell yes; and all other boy bands and their members, no.

My favorite New Kid: Totally Jonathan, even after all these years. I follow him on Twitter. He sent me a direct message one day, and I squealed like a teenage girl.

Yes, I'm working on getting a life. Give me time.

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