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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The proverbial shit has hit the fan in these parts.

There's disaster with the house, and I'll probably have to move. I'm really not happy about that. We'll see. I'm meeting with a realtor today to look at other houses in my neighborhood. I like my neighborhood.

Really, if I have to move, aside from a zillion man hours re-packing all the shit I just unpacked and moving it, what have I lost? Some money, which would be made up with a lower purchase price. A couple of gallons of paint that I will need to repaint the new house (and the old house). A few fixtures that I've replaced - new faucets, new lights...although I haven't ruled out swapping those yet. I am very partial to the track lights in my kitchen, and they don't seem to have them at the store anymore.

I'm very upset about the whole thing. It's nothing I did. I've worked my ass off to be a homeowner. It's more the fault of all those folks who got loans they couldn't pay. The foreclosure rates are so high that no one's property has value right now. That really, really sucks.

But, maybe it's time for stainless steel appliances and new kitchen counters? Glad I hadn't done that yet. Not looking forward to repainting the pink bathroom or Michelle's teal bedroom OR an entire new house, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

After all, I won't believe that any housing deal will go through in this market until I see it with my own eyes.

Wow, our country is jacked up. Kudos to the folks occupying Wall Street, not that I think Wall Street really cares who they're screwing over.

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